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About Us

RETA-IN-ORDER was founded in 2002, and is located in the city of Taicang, in the Jiangsu Province,which is only a 45 minutes' drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

RETA-IN-ORDER has 130 experienced employees,focusing on equipment used for the production of copper and aluminum tube . In the past 15 years of development and continuous innovation, the company has become theleading supplier of production equipment for the copper and aluminum tube industry.The company has now developed a worldwide reputation for the performance and quality of its equipment.

RETA-IN-ORDER produces a broad range of machines including: Horizontal casting withdraw unit, Casting shell milling machine, Planetary rolling mills, Two-carriage drawing machines, Caterpillar drawing machines, Spinner blocks, Level Winders, In-line annealers, Straight length drawing and cutting units, Pancake coil machines, Jumbo coil machines and IGT machines, etc.The majority of the major copper tube producers around the world are IN-ORDER's customers.


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